In AZETA, quality has always played a leading role, we have always had a way of interpreting the production processes of research and setting in order to anticipate the problem and not just manage it when it happens.

At first we have been ISO 9002 certified with DNV and then ISO 9001 with TUV, certifications are important but we find it worthless if people within the company do not believe in quality system.

Our daily task is to train everyone to manage of processes according to our quality manual and continue to study production processes to anticipate the error.

From 2015 we have progressively improved all the quality values ​​and we have come to costs for lacking annual quality less than 0.07% of our turnover and below 100 PPM on the entire production.

Every year Zeo Asioli in the Christmas greeting always reminds us: “…… always remember that from here the products have to go out, and never come back ….”


In the new digital era where we are all used to have everything right away and perfect it becomes difficult to think that there are still products that do not need service, in our world service means having high technical design skills to support client’s project.

CAD design, rapid prototyping, realization of CAM prototypes, personalized and prepared personnel to meet customer needs, experiences gained in years of research and development.

Once you produce the items you need to handle stocks, deliver it to Kan-Ban, get the Free-Pass, provide all assembly, testing, laser marking, packaging services.

Even though all our efforts is just for one component to be completed.